Yale on a BOAT

Alice, Snigdha and I are in an EU presentation on “Public Access to Information and Public Participation,” which also involves free food and coffee – what a coincidence.

We managed to check in to the hostel yesterday and organize ourselves a bit before the Yale event for dinner, drinks, etc. and a keynote by Dr. Pachauri, chair of the IPCC and director of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute (YCEI).  For me, his address was fairly dry and consistent with the same overarching rhetoric of climate change pressures that have represented ‘consensus’ for years at this point.  I would have liked to hear more about linkages, his hopes and expectations for the conference, and commentary on the role of the IPCC in particular, considering its sensitive and controversial hand in both science and policy.

Oh, and the event took place on a SHIP.  The COP15 passes allow us free public transportation throughout the metro area, and we took a bus to the waterfront, and walked from there to where Yale had rented out some enormous boat docked along the business district for the 75-or-so delegates from New Haven, as well as ‘friends of Yale’ involved in the conference.  Lots of interesting people, PILES of meat and cheese, and a great opportunity to go into the second week of the conference with a sense of what other students and professors are looking to gain from the experience.  Look for an update on our meetings today!



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