Pause for Applause…Al Gore and his Farmer Joke

Al Gore is actually a funny man. Alice and I are listening to him right now. A man just told me, “I’ve heard [the joke] before but when Al Gore’s telling it, you can hear it 50 times over.”

His joke to come. Meanwhile, enjoy a few pictures.

Alice and I before the event

Al Gore speaking on climate change

Updated 5:50 pm (Danish time): Here’s the joke:

A farmer was in court because he was suing a driver who had hit his car.

The defendant’s lawyer asked the farmer, “Did you or did you not say that you were ‘fine’ after the accident.”

The farmer said, “It’s not that simple.I was taking my cow in the back of my truck.”

The lawyer said, “Please don’t waste the court’s time with a long, complicated story. Just answer yes or no.”

The farm said, “Well, this fellow ran me over… I was on one side and my cow was on the other. The cop came and said boy, he’s suffering, and shot my cow between the eyes…Then the cop came up to me and asked me how I was doing…I said I was fine.”

– Snigdha


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