Schwarzenegger: On Fairytales and California

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger started off his talk with by thanking many, many people. It could have been the Academy Awards.

The Crowd

Premier Gordon Campbell (British Columbia)

The Terminator Himself

But he did have a few points that displayed his realism and vim for his now home state of California.

“I love giving this speech because I’m not the only one with an accent!”

He joked that he had been to Denmark several times, previously for bodybuilding or weightlifting seminars. “Never did I think I would come here as a governor of a great state.”

He remarked about the cleanliness of the harbor (you can swim in it) and his favorite Hans Christian Andersen tale.

“My favorite tale was the ugly duckling. Because I love the story of transformation. Planetary transformation is what brought us together here. But is this a fairy tale?

“Why do we put so much hope and eggs into the international agreement basket?” he said. “Many of the agreements happen in the subnational level.”

He told us how his mother-in-law (aka JFK’s sister) would never have relied on the federal government to start the Special Olympics.

“History teaches us that movements begin with the people, not the government. Then when the movement becomes powerful enough, the people respond.”

This is very similar to what Barack Obama has often said: show me a movement and I’ll make it happen.

“By putting all our eggs in one basket, we fail to look at the eggs in the other baskets,” he said. He mentioned Rajendra Pauchari’s movement to eliminate the use of kerosene by 400 million people in India.

“If we don’t reach an agreement, does it mean that this doesn’t count? … We are proceeding in a major way in green tech no matter what happens in Washington or Copenhagen.

“I would be happy to host such a summit in California…people like coming to California.”


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