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But tonight we begin in Copenhagen…

“I don’t know if that’s a boycott.  That may have just been lunch.”

“Could it be a bigger hoax than the female orgasm???”

“On the other hand, it gets cold in winter and scientists are PAID”


“I foresee an outcome…”

Christian, Alice, and I are sitting in Karen Blixen Plenary room (yes, she’s on some Danish Kroner). We are listening to the COP president speak of her aspirations for this conference.

Here are a few excerpts:

What is the best outcome that you feel is now achievable?

I think one should not be mistaken. We all know how these COPs run. We also know that there are many people positioning themselves, presenting themselves, signals in the media. Still my feeling is that among politicians, ministers, and also the heads of states that will soon arrive, there is a strong will that on Friday that we can agree on a overarching decision within the LCA and one within the KP and underneath that we will have specific COP decisions on numerous areas. Lots of issues will be dealt with. And in this overarching text hopefully, there we should also see the will to commit to reductions and finance, finance not only in the short-term. We definitely also need to have decisions taken in the longer time. Finance and the financial architecture. Finance for adaptation and mitigation.

My mandate as the cop president is that there are two tracks. This is why I foresee an outcome.

I foresee it will be difficult here in Copenhagen to agree on the future legally binding form. But that must not prevent us from doing what is necessary, to have agreement on all the elements.

Do you think we should increase the time frame of this conference?

I would strongly ask your ngos in the final days to ease the pressure. I don’t believe anything gets easier by postponing it. the knowledge is there, the information is there, the science is there, the pressure is there. Whatever we do not solve in Copenhagen, how do you think we will get a better chance in the near future? It will not happen in the next several years.